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I’ve always enjoyed company, revelling in chat and laughter.But the hidden scorn of paranoia and insecurity could easily spoil the anticipated gladness of socialising and connecting. Apprehensive about personal viewpoints on the basis that someone might not like me because of what I thought or what I said.“I never thought I would feel the kind of loneliness that makes my heart ache” I’m a 44-year-old professional woman, very happily married with two lovely children. I never thought I would feel the kind of loneliness that makes my heart ache. I had a large group of female friends acquired through baby play groups, school and work. I moved to Wales twenty years ago for work, met my husband (who is also Irish) and settled into life there.It is the loneliness that sees you craving physical contact so much that you scoop up the odd smile sent your direction, and try to turn it into a loving caress. It is the loneliness that pervades your soul when you make yourself as vulnerable as you know how – taking a gamble and exposing your fears and hopes and dreams in equal measure – and your husband responds.Not, however, as you had hoped, with kindness and understanding; but with a story about how he wanted to bat for India but it never happened.However, I’ve left all my female friends behind me.I have one close friend who is Irish but she no longer lives in this country.

Bubbly, outgoing, sporty and active; all resounding traits of a self-promoting bio with the mood swings, drama and bitter excerpts merely regarded as the impulses of teenage angst.It’s not even the loneliness that manifests when your spouse dies, and you are left without their physical presence. This is a constant loneliness that accompanies your every waking – and sleeping – hour.It is the loneliness that arrests the blood flowing to and from your heart when you share your deepest feelings, only to have them disregarded, disparaged or derided.This is not a periodic loneliness, it is not a loneliness that creeps up and puts a hand on your shoulder when you’re at a party without your spouse, and you suddenly miss them.This is not the type of loneliness that washes over you at night when you’re alone and your spouse is overseas on a weeks-long business trip.

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