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In the late 1990s more blood was spilled when the Albanian-Muslim-dominated Serbian province of Kosovo declared independence, resulting in the intervention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations, the bombing of Belgrade, and the placement of Kosovo under UN administration from mid-1999.

Milošević was later defeated in presidential elections and arrested and tried before the International Court of Justice for war crimes, but the rump Yugoslavia remained unstable, as Montenegro threatened to declare independence before negotiating an agreement that maintained the country’s unification in a loose federation.

This kind of union of two states is unusual in comparative systems, which can cause many problems in the activity of a new state.

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The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (the constitution of the new state is still under construction) is inspired by well known European constitutions, such as the constitutions of France and Germany, and it contains both elements of the federation and confederation structure (at the moment, the parliament is working on the draft of a new constitution).

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Meanwhile, multilateral talks to determine Kosovo’s future status failed to yield a solution acceptable to both Serbs and Kosovars.

Despite Serbia’s opposition, Kosovo formally seceded in February 2008.

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