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"The door was unlocked, I...." His voice drifted off as he quickly backed out of the door, closing it behind him.

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"I'm keeping your secret," Vince replied, "So what I say here is with the strictest confidence, right? "Buddy-buddy confidentiality." "Marsha is a dynamo in the sack. She's adventurous and pretty damn talented if you know what I mean." It wasn't hard to imagine.And with the great sex at home, I've just never had the need to masturbate." Knowing that Vince traveled a lot with his job, I asked, "But what about when you are out of town. As the bartender was pouring our drinks, I couldn't resist, "What did you mean earlier by "I never said women"?" "I knew I should have kept my big mouth shut," Vince began.After lying in bed for several minutes, masturbating slowly, I realized my morning wood wasn't going anywhere without some further attention.I snuck out to the dining room and grabbed the pack of XXX playing cards off the table before heading to the bathroom for a little private stroke session.

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