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Select a name and that person will receive a notification about the ongoing call.

How Do You Apply Effects, Filters, and Animoji into Group Face Time calls?

In the meantime, however, Apple users should disable Face Time on all devices.

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Buzzfeed reported that the glitch can allow someone access to your front-facing camera, too.

A recently-discovered bug in Apple’s Face Time software allows people to access another person’s microphone and camera during an incoming call—without the other person ever knowing.“This poses a pretty big privacy problem as you can essentially listen in on any i OS user,” said Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac in the article that first exposed the glitch on Monday.

“There is no indication on the recipient’s side that you could hear any of their audio.

Apple is aware of the issue, telling Buzzfeed that it will be fixed in a software security update coming later this week.

The tech company has also temporarily disabled the Group Face Time feature, according to its website.

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