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Of course, living in a city where approximately 800 languages are spoken can complicate the search for love, but in the end speaking the language of love is all that is needed.

Add to that a never-ending nightlife and this might just be the top of best places for interracial dating in the United States.

The best places for interracial dating tend to be in specific areas such as: Richard Pryor once famously advised his audience to never marry a white woman in southern California.

But it must be noted that this was nearly fifty years ago.

The population of people of color is fairly small, so interracial dating is not something seen on a daily basis.

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According to the aforementioned list, half of the top twenty was represented by cities in the southern half of the US.The list was compiled simply by tallying the numbers of people who signed up for the website.It does not necessarily mean everyone from those place are one ofthe best places for interracial dating or actually opened-minded as about interracial dating.A city that boasts no black or brown faces — or only black or brown faces may or may not be comfortable with interracial dating.Some of the worst horror stories I’ve heard regarding unwelcome locations for interracial couples have come from cities with very diverse populations.

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