American woman dating an america man

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Most of the girls you’ll meet online live in the big cities, such as Manila and Cebu City. And even though some of them are quite poor, they are by far not as poor as the women who live in the countryside.

The Filipinas who are looking for an American husband are educated enough to know the culture and smart enough to know that marrying a foreigner can be better than marrying their neighbor.​Women in the West love to complain about a patriarchy that doesn’t exist.

Of course, they also want a romantic gentleman who treats them with respect. A halfie is what happens when you believe when she tells you that it’s okay to remove the condom during your first love-making session. In case you didn’t know, Filipinas are obsessed with white skin. A lot of movie stars, models and singers in the Philippines are half white and half Asian.The girls who live there are so that they don’t know anything about America, let alone its culture.Some of them don’t have a TV and others have never seen a smartphone. I’ve traveled to one of these places and they looked at my crappy old smartphone as if it was a lightsaber.On average I would say that Pinoys have better English skills than Germans. The only Filipinas who don’t speak English are the really uneducated ones. One of my Filipina friends is (and obsessed with finding an American husband) that she can list all presidents.Pinays who can’t speak English know that they don’t have a chance to get an American boyfriend or husband. I wonder how many Americans can do that.​It’s not all about the money, not all about the fame.

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