Animal crossing dating

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This time, there is only Timed Goal, but you also only have five days to complete it.If you've been hoarding animals to invite to your Campsite, now is the time to invite three of them!These new animals are looking for some new furniture, like a roasted dino meat, a cool globe, and more.The two new animal friends and their themes visiting your campground are the following: To celebrate the new additions, Nintendo is running the Host The Most mini event again.Digby's Artful Retreat: Everything you need to know!Not only are there now three new animal friends, but there is also a brand new theme; Modern!

The three new animals added to the game are as follows: Remember, all of these animals are of the Modern theme.Bloomin' Booty with Kapp'n: Everything you need to know!The folks working on our favorite animal camping kingdom are really paying attention to what we want. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Tips & Tricks Fishing is considered a relaxing sport, but not if you're trying to win the gold trophy.Digby needs help finding busy buzzing creatures called Bumblecubes.Your job is to collect as many of them as possible by planting seasonal Art Blossoms in your garden that will attract them. Collect them to earn exclusive clothing and decorations from Digby.

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