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Even the documentaries on the festival seemed compromised. The closest-held secret of modern scam artists is how woefully unimaginative they really are.Hulu paid Mc Farland for an interview, while Elliot Tebele, the founder of Jerry Media, is an executive producer of the Netflix documentary. Our oversaturated scam culture seems to have produced something new: utterly unappealing con men and women who could not credibly be referred to as “artists” at all.The sprites behind the schemes could come across as craven; an online crew of viral marketers referred to non-entrepreneurial peers as “peasants.” But most of them seemed sincere.They wanted to change the world, and they believed that the way to do that was to start their own businesses. If corners were cut along the way, they were cut honestly. I’ve been thinking of them as last year’s “summer of scam” has extended into a never-ending, all-weather “scam season.” We are held rapt by tales of big-time millennial grifters, entrepreneurs whose dizzy rises are rivaled only by their disastrous ends.

The terms grifter and scam have their beginnings in the carnival circuit of the early 20th century, and scam is the root of the term scamp These people have always exploited a certain proximity to America’s most storied figures.Among them is Billy Mc Farland (born in 1991), the impresario who dreamed up the doomed Bahamas-based Fyre music festival; Elizabeth Holmes (b.1984), creator of the at-home blood-testing service Theranos, which was once valued at more than billion but never really worked; and Anna Delvey (b.“The Inventor,” HBO’s Theranos documentary, draws comparisons between Holmes and one of her idols, Thomas Edison, who may have been better at cultivating his public image as an inventor than he was at actually inventing.The math behind the American dream — a But perhaps no moment has been so primed for grift as our current one.

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