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Accused by prosecutors of running a Manhattan brothel, Anna Gristina says she’s not a madam but a matchmaker, whose inspiration for a new business venture came from watching Patti Stanger’s Bravo series, The Millionaire Matchmaker.Her dating defense raised more than a few eyebrows while she was held on Rikers Island, unable to post million bail for nearly four months.Consequently, we have never discussed his wife’s situation—or his role in publicizing her dating-service defense.

Then, months later, she found out he'd deceived her. spoke with Irina Manta, a law professor at New York's Hofstra University, who proposed a law that would impose a legal penalty on people who make substantial lies on dating apps, like a person's marital status, that result in sex. He learned about me so he could mirror back at me the person that I was, which made him appear like that cliché​d soulmate that you want. You know, it wasn't just a dating profile with a fake picture. It's humiliating and as [Irina Manta] said it is so humiliating and for that reason alone this is such an unreported behaviour.

He exaggerated how much he worked away and that's what gave him his opportunity to see other women as the same time as me.

It's going to be a tough one, but I'm optimistic that we'll get there.

The mum of one said: “Yes I’m single, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, and I was looking for attention. “I broke up three weeks ago, he’s in the Army and we split up because he cheated on me. I went back on the dating website because you need to jump back on the horse, and wanted to show that I was still attractive.

“I was just shocked by this guy’s profile.” Anna was sent the message on Sunday.

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