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Also, Muslim women in many countries keep their own last name after marriage.The Quran and the role of women As the Islamic state and religion expanded, interpretations of the gender roles laid out in the Quran varied with different cultures.Female relatives of the Prophet Muhammad were particularly important in the early Muslim community because they knew his practice and teachings so well.Other women came to power through fathers or husbands. Today there is a small but growing number of women in the parliaments of Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, and in the fall of 2002, the Moroccan parliament is hoping to bring women into 25 percent of its seats.

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If they challenged the family members who withheld their money in an Islamic court, however, they could win.

Segregation does not necessarily mean isolation for women, though it obviously has many other effects.

Individual personality and abilities In many cases the varied practice of veiling is a personal, but not necessarily a permanent, choice made by women.

Many of these oppressive practices, however, do not come from Islam itself, but are part of local cultural traditions.

(To think about the difference between religion and culture, ask yourself if the high rate of domestic violence in the United States is related to Christianity, the predominant religion.) In fact, Islam gives women a number of rights, some of which were not enjoyed by Western women until the 19th century.

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