Are blaze and silver dating

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She ends up going through a portal to sonic's world where she meets Silver again. I WANT THOSE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Silver Blaze" is a short story where Sherlock and Watson journey to the countryside to attempt to solve the death of a trainer and the disappearance of a racehorse. sont think its sonic hes dating me and sonic and blaze r friends. but there once will be a Megan the hedghog and silver and Megan will be going out! But there age changes when the year changes just like your age changes when the year changes. at the end of sonic 06 silver says to blaze as she is going back into her dimension "I wouldn't know what to do without you" and blaze says "your so naive... Saying Silver likes Blaze is like saying Sonic likes Amy Rose.

Just because they're best friends and such that doesn't mean they will like each other.

Me: I forgot to bring clothes Rouge: U have that dress I bought u Me: thinks* Oh crap boys will be all over me when I'm wearing that* er.. * goes to rouge bathroom and gets dressed*Rouge: You look amazing! The car had Blaze in it and she was wearing a tight black dress.

ME: Oh shut up Rouge: * laughs* let's go to school They arrive at school and see sonic and Amy Sonic POV I come to school and Amy comes up to me. My jaw dropped and Amy smiled evilly at Blaze then started kissing me. DATEMe: * gasps*Rouge: * smiles* She would love to go on a date with you Shadow: Really great I'll pick you up at tonight * walks away *Me: Rouge why did u say that!

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One was a lavender feline, and the other was a silver hedgehog with an excess amount of fur on his chest.Silver Tickles Blaze The sound clashing metal echoed across the courtyard.The sun beat down on two competitors, surrounded be what appeared to be marble columns with a concrete floor pattern marking the boundaries.Other pairings with Silver are less common, but are certainly… Knuckles the echidna (pronounced as ackidna) Sonic the hedgehog Tails the fox Amy (known as Amy Rose) Mephiles the dark Silver the hedgehog Blaze the cat Shadow the hedgehog Rouge (pronounced rooj) the bat That's easy, Silver The Hedgehog likes Blase The Cat. Actually I heard that they do like each other but also Blaze the Cat LOVES SHADOW. Originally, it was an alternate dimension in Southern Island.

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