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Rachel is about to get a — pause for dramatic effect — really, really hot new love interest. She says she’s jealous of his red carpet style, gushes (you know, again) about how awesome it is to work with him.

Everyone heads back to work for Season 4, and Lea even gets Cory a back to work gift.

“Obviously, I love working with Cory, so I selfishly want them to work out, but, you know, we’ll have to see.” Lea also reveals that she got really mad at when she found out the characters were about to break up.

Meanwhile, Cory calls Finchel a “legendary” couple.

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He joined the cast of the US show Glee in the 4th season as NYADA Junior Brody Weston and appeared in Terra Nova as Mark Reynolds.Cory calls the accompanying song “incredible.” Hold on a second, though. Lea tweets that Rachel is wearing a wedding dress in the Regionals episode, and the New Direction girls are dressed as bridesmaids.That said, Lea still hopes that Finchel will get back together.Geyer was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, as the oldest of three children.He has two younger sisters, Jess Geyer (now Jess Burns) and Tatum Geyer (now Tatum Prins), who share his interest in martial arts.

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