Atheist theist dating dating practices in fiji

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There is no body of rules or dogma, no ruler, nothing even held in common with other atheists.

Each is an individual, and atheist is not a sect or creed, it is just a description denoting the fact that this particular individual doesn’t happen to believe, not only in this god or that god, (which is true of almost everyone) but in any gods at all.

the evangelical version of this is that they can convert you into the "godly" imago (idealized fantasy partner) that they carry around in between their ears. She was married to two Muslims previous to my dad (who is also Catholic). My last Three Christians girlfriends in a row dumped me, because I could not be save. Somewhere their love priorities for me is third or fourth . As an atheist, I can not respect a person who bases their belief system on the dishonest premise that faith (belief without evidence) is a methodology to determine (Truth) things that are testable and demonstrated to be correct with evidence.

I think it would depend on the person you are interested in and their willingness to give you a chance. My jackass room mate spilled the beans before I had time to tell her. If very religious you can try, but don't expect for your heart to not be shattared into a million pieces. I respect and accept Religion , although they don't accept me. A few months ago a rather hot and interesting woman was interested in me - - sharing a glass of wine in my formal dining room - - I made it very clear that I am not a supersisitonalist and do not respect those who are mired in the intellectual quagmire of faith over facts. I would rather live alone then live with a woman I could not respect.

For some people religion is not only part of their lives but dictates most of their lives.

For others…its just a another aspect of their lives and affects them to a much lesser degree, to the point where you wouldn't necessarily recognize them as religious.

There is this one girl who I am interested in, but she is heavily into Christianity. Everybody is going to have different levels of tolerance towards atheism.

Reality is that religiosity is a spectrum, from ultra orthodox to theists to pantheists to agnosticism and anything in between.

The there are theists who don’t believe in any particular god, but rather in the idea that gods exist although they don’t know what they are.

It’s pretty easy to see, then, that some will have restrictions placed on them by the particular details of their god or their religion, while others have different restrictions, and some have no restrictions at all.

In a more general sense, it really depends on the dynamics.

If you're not heavily anti-theist, and she's a more liberal or "cultural" Christian, there's a good chance it can work, especially if her family doesn't really mind you being agnostic.

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