Bronze age dating

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Compared with Europe, however, the eastern extent of this WSH expansion is not well defined.Here we present genomic and proteomic data from 22 directly dated Late Bronze Age burials putatively associated with early pastoralism in northern Mongolia (ca. Genome-wide analysis reveals that they are largely descended from a population represented by Early Bronze Age hunter-gatherers in the Baikal region, with only a limited contribution (∼7%) of WSH ancestry.The sitophylakes actually regulated and inspected the quality as well as the price on which the grain was actually offered to the customers.The trading and industrial dynamics of the Bronze Age is a huge subject indeed and no single article can explain it fully.Recent paleogenomic studies have shown that migrations of Western steppe herders (WSH) beginning in the Eneolithic (ca.3300–2700 BCE) profoundly transformed the genes and cultures of Europe and central Asia.The salt fish was also imported from the Black Sea.

Even in tough situations like drought the trade of wheat was supervised and bought by grain buyers (special).

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Since the Bronze Age, pastoralism has been a dominant subsistence mode on the Western steppe, but the origins of this tradition on the Eastern steppe are poorly understood.

The state had hired a group of Market officials whose job was to ensure the overall quality of the goods that were on sale in the market.

The grain was supervised by special agents who were referred to as the sitophylakes.

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