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RENT AN APARTMENT IN CARACAS: 0 to rent a very nice one or two bedroom apartment in Caracas at the moment.

And Caracas high society is pretty exclusive, so be ready to drop some significant cash just to get through the door. BOTTLE OF BEER: n/a LEARNING SPANISH: If you want to meet women in Venezuela, you will need to speak some Spanish.

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Turns out we both have good jobs, so we could afford to go out for dinner, drinks and a movie.She’d have a heart attack and come back as a ghost just to yell at me. At least six of the men and women I interviewed said the same thing.Our parents are old fashioned, and these are their houses, their rules.So far, he says he hasn’t slept with anyone, and I’m praying he won’t, really. Does this mean he wanted to break up with me but didn’t have the balls to do it? You found a date, you could take her out for drinks, dinner or a movie. “The last guy I dated took me to a nice one, though. I was actually relieved when it ended shortly afterwards, because I can’t afford to take anyone to a motel.You weren’t robbed, your car still has all its tires and battery. I’m barely making it to the end of the month as it is.”I live with my mother, as most of my friends do, and I love her too much to ask for permission to have a guy spend the night because it would basically kill her.

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