Celebrities dating older men

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Check out these SA female celebs who married older men.Rosette finally found her happily ending in her husband Lunga Ncwana who is a bit older than the model.My style of presentation is unique as you can feel the flow, cohesion as well as punch lines without fear or favour.Hollywood is full of devastatingly beautiful women and hunky men. While most of Hollywood’s elites gravitate toward partners who are equally as stunning, a handful has found their matches with unattractive spouses.

To him, he does not need a young lady he will use several hours to convince just to understand a simple matter.Years back, the issue of men being in a relationship with women older than them and vice versa was something that was frowned upon and condemned by the society.But gradually, it has become a widespread phenomenon and people especially popular figures are starting to see it as a norm with varied reasons.According to the Lynx Entertainment signee, older women are the ones who can give you goodies, help and the maximum care needed, unlike these young girls who come as a parasite.Ki Di Ghana's realest blogger whose motive in the game is to eliminate all forms of lies and deceit masterminded by Ghana's celebrities or whatsoever in the showbiz industry through blogging.

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