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"This release is tied to intense G-spot stimulation," she says.One thing to note is that it is not urine, though people often think it is.Karun's suggestion of diagnosing ACL issues during the surgery.Low in privacy, common bathroom, oil only, talk active.No, "it means that you're turned on by watching women have sex," simplifies Morse. Morse assures that if he's too small and is unable to please you during intercourse, there are obviously plenty of other things he can do.

"Even if you think there is no spillage of contents, if you are not using another form of contraception such as the pill or IUD, I recommend emergency contraception ASAP if you don't desire pregnancy." Next? "Many women will not have an orgasm with vaginal intercourse alone and more direct clitoral stimulation from a partner or through masturbation does the trick," Dweck explains.

"It is possible to fracture a penis due to trauma during particularly vigorous sex or masturbation," confirms ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck, M. What should you do if you think this has happened to your man? "Urgent surgical treatment is recommended," says Dweck.

Find about more common sex injuries—and how to deal. Crazily enough, this is totally common, says Dweck.

"Queefing is due to trapped air in the vagina and can occur during or after intercourse," says Dweck.

Check out 17 more weird, uncomfortable, awkward, kind of hilarious things that can happen during sex. "Condoms will help to protect from bacteria/feces during anal sex play," Dweck says.

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