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Chris has been recording music since the late 1980s both in bands and as a solo artist, releasing albums like Carry On, Songbook, Higher Truth, Scream and Euphoria Morning. He further added, “I would sometimes drink before we played. It became a bigger deal when I stopped doing the other things I liked to do.In 2003, he checked into rehab following alcohol issues and personal problems. About his decision, Chris said, “I actually like rehab a lot. I used to ride mountain bikes around with my friends, and we’d keep 40-ouncers where the water bottle was supposed to be.Cornell was a close friend to Linkin Park's frontman, Chester Bennington.He has collaborated with Bennington in several tours.

The day after Christmas in 2011, Elia claimed that she was called back to Chris Cornell’s home by Vicky after she left.Investigators are currently looking into the cause of Chris Cornell’s death.According to the late singer’s representative, Brian Bumbery, Chris’ death was “sudden and unexpected.” His family will be working closely with the medical investigator to find out his cause of death, and they have asked the media for privacy at this time. Just hours before his death, he tweeted about a sold-out show that he performed.After his parents got divorced, Chris got involved with drugs and stealing-and began to play drums.By the age of fifteen, he was plagued by bouts of depression, as he had dropped out of school to play music to help and support the family.

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