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George (CG 71), USS Anzio (CG 68) and USS Estocin (FFG 15) joined 47 other ships from 12 European nations in the largest Partnership for Peace exercise ever conducted.

Operation Silver Wake Albania March-June 1997 USS Nassau (LHA 4), USS Pensacola (LSD 38), USS Nash- ville (LPD 13) and elements of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit rescued 889 people, including 400 Americans, from continuing civil strife and provided additional security to the Embassy in the Albanian capital. Exercise CARAT ‘97 Southeast Asia May 1997 Units of the 7th Fleet trained with the navies and marines from Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore during Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training ‘97.

Imbued with a special trust, these young men and women are actively engaged in meaningful work around the globe right now, putting the skills and education they have received to good use. 4 ALL HANDS Photo by JOCS Gary Smith “My goal is to give our people the tools they need to do what they have always done - to go in harm’s way and prevail. Johnson Chief of Naval Operations Aircraft Forward presence and domi- nance of both the sea and the littoral are simply not possible without control of the corre- sponding airspace. In and of itself a unique team of people, aircraft and shore facilities, naval aviation provides maritime forces with incredible flexibility and rapid response.

Our aircraft are multifaceted, capable of a broad range of missions and payloads.

Nimitz and Carrier Air Wing 9 (CVW-9) are currently operating in thdjj Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the U.l4 "No-Fly Zone" over Southern Iraq.

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Sailors are your next-door neighbors, the high school all-star athlete, the student council president.

And it is a diverse team as well, repre- senting every state, every faith and every face in America.

Periodical-class postage is paid at\ Washington, D. 20374 and additional mailing, offic- | es Subscriptions: For sale by the Superintendent • of Documents, U S Government Printing Office, ‘ Washington, D. 20402 or call (202) 512-1800 ft Postmaster: Send address changes to All Hands magazine, Naval Media Center, Publishing Division, Naval Station Anacostiar Bldg. A highly- trained, motivated team of active-duty and Reserve personnel entrusted to operate the most sophisticated equipment on earth, this team can project power anywhere at virtually a moment's notice and then stay there.

In any case, it is proof positive that naval aviation will continue to have an impor- tant stake in maritime operations. Some are stationed at various land bases around the world, and some are unfolding their wings on the decks of our aircraft carriers.

Beyond the Super Hornet, the Navy is working with its sister services on the development of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Wherever they are, wherever they are going, they are in the hands of the best pilots, the best aircrew and the best maintenance personnel in Ameri- can military history. Ships The Fleet sails the most power- ful, technologically-advanced warships in the world.

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