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It is recommended that the church ask it's district moderator to convene the council.If there were no formal plans to ordain prior to the pastor's death, and no pressing need for the church, the ordination should be put on hold until a new pastor is selected and let that person handle it."If the Ordained Pastor/Minister is present and leading the baptismal service (actually says the words), the physical immersion may be done by anyone. He let His disciples do it for Him."In the event of the death of the Pastor, the minister in charge or the chair of deacons carries out the administrative duties.If the church was planning to ordain the preacher, the chairman may organize a council of ordained ministers for that purpose.Episcopacy is not consistent with the beliefs of National Baptists, where each church/congregation is responsible for governing itself.There is no scriptural reference for either Assistant Pastor or Associate Minister. He may appoint other ministers to responsible offices for the purpose of carrying out the work and ministry of the Church, as Paul did with those who traveled with him.Type your word(s) in the search box and click the up or down arrow. However, there are many questions posed by the membership for which the Convention has no formal policy or position, and in those cases informal guidance is provided.Informal guidance is not to be interpreted as formal Convention policy or position, but is offered in the form of general guidance or resources to enable the local congregation to develop their own policies and procedures.

Clergy Roles and Qualifications: Can a National Baptist church select a pastor that is not Ordained or Licensed by the National Baptist Church, but has been ordained and licensed by another denomination?

The term "Assistant Pastor" is generally used incorrectly.

The Assistant Pastor is usually one on paid staff, selected by the Pastor and accepted or voted by the Church to such office.

It becomes difficult, if not impossible, to do so after they are ordained A Licentiate is generally recommended for ordination because any one of the following reasons is valid: 1. NOTE: Because there is no administrative body which can de-frock an ordained Baptist preacher, Baptist churches are encouraged to be deliberate and cautious in the ordination process."Within the Baptist tradition, when an individual expresses a "call" to ministry they are granted a "trial" or initial sermon at the will of the church.

Based on the outcome of that sermon the Church may grant that individual a license to preach.

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