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But it takes a lot of living to grow fully into your own wrongness.

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Sure, maybe this was the "perfect” person, but how perfect can this person be if he or she failed to see the greatness within you?

Water-breathers have to talk not just about the things they like about each other, but the things they don’t. Because after a while, if all you’re hearing about are the things your S. doesn’t like about you, you can really start to feel like a piece of shit wittle sea horsie. To make awful mistakes, like have your new boyfriend bring over the divorce papers.

On our first date, you told me, “I’m the most fucked up lobster you’ll ever meet. Communication, as you know, is key in relationships.

You were able to communicate to me in an honest way that these things were all huge turn-offs.

Seriously, I have issues.” That’s what attracted me the most – your honesty.

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