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In most cases we are able to print out a photo for you and we charge £5 for 3 pictures.

Also only one person may come with you to these scans, so that we can concentrate on performing the scan and giving you the most accurate information about the scan as possible.

Down’s syndrome screening has its own quality assurance process, mandatory for laboratories and sonographers.

During your pregnancy you will be offered a number of screening tests.

All pregnant women booking before 20 weeks of pregnancy are offered screening tests to assess the chance of there being a problem (or abnormality) with their baby.

A pregnancy scan or ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create a moving image of your baby and you can see the image on a screen.

Some of these tests are best taken before 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, as soon as you know you are pregnant please contact your GP, Midwife or complete our online referral form: It is always your choice whether to have a test or not.

Please also keep the leaflet safe so that you can refer to it for the screening tests which will be offered to your baby following birth.

If you have any questions the midwife at the booking appointment can answer them or refer you to one of our specialist screening midwives for support and further information.

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