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In a psychopathic relationship, you are not allowed to have emotions or be hurt by anything they do, otherwise you know you can be replaced in a heartbeat.

This is because the psychopath punished you when you stood up for yourself, conditioning you with the silent treatment whenever you expressed your feelings.

They may give off the illusion of “goodness” in order to maintain an image of normalcy, but like anything else with a psychopath, it's all manufactured.

So here's our philosophy: All of these disorders are toxic, they're all untreatable, and they all follow the cycle of idealize, devalue, discard. Not just a label, but a specific pattern of extremely manipulative & hurtful behavior.

I've heard that psychopaths “Hoover” their targets after the breakup, but I was never contacted again So let's get started, and as always, if these questions lead to more questions, please feel free to comment and open up a discussion 1. What if I'm just saying that to make myself feel better about my breakup?

But it is not possible for a healthy human being to go from abusing one person, to suddenly entering a perfect relationship with someone else.

What if they're really a good person now, and the problem was just specific to our relationship? What's the difference between a psychopath, sociopath, and narcissist? Don't I need to acknowledge my role in all of this? The thought of being in the same room as them makes you feel physically sick, because you finally see what a monster they truly are.

You'll look back on them with absolute disgust, seeing someone who represents everything you are not.

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