Consolidating audio books

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Yes, Storytel has gone from strength to strength in its chosen territories, and it’s a remarkable story in its own right.

But let’s remind ourselves of those chosen territories: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, India, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Bulgaria, with launches imminent in Brazil and Singapore, ambitions for further expansion in Ibero-America and SE Asia, and now Germany confirmed.

Yes, the royalty per download for a subscription ebook or audiobook is lower than the standard model royalty for an outright purchase.

But the volume of downloads is so much higher that publishers are finding the model works for them too.

One royalty model for mainstream publishers and another for small fry indies with no collective clout.

Then digital subscriptions began to be experimented with.

But by now Big Pub had had its fingers burned by embracing ebooks too quickly and handing Amazon control of the US and UK ebook market.

Once you’ve paid your monthly fee you can download and try out anything in the catalogue, and if it doesn’t appeal, just swap it for something else.

It opens up new names and new genres to readers and listeners and of course every time they find something they like there’s cash flowing back to the publisher that might otherwise never have materialised.

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