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Boys turn into men and men put a premium on what's hard to get.” ― “Daughter!

Get you an honest Man for a Husband, and keep him honest.

But as you read this entire page, the secrets about why men stop calling women they date...

and how to make him want to call you will begin to materialize right in front of you empowering you to new heights in your love life.

No matter whether he is rich, provided he be independent.

I have helped saved hundreds of relationships and prevented many break ups.

Combined with my own extensive research, talking to other relationships specialists, having done a lot of reading, learning and library research, as well as years spent learning about relationships and what makes a man attracted to a woman, how to be a woman men love and want to commit to, I have put all this information together to present this extensive valuable information to you in a format that you can easily take home, learn from it, and refer to it often whenever you have questions about a particular man in your life who doesn’t call you.

What I'm about to teach you is the insider secrets about why men stop calling and how to use that knowledge to your advantage in a way that will make your man want you more. If your boyfriend or the man you are dating has pulled away from you, or has broken up with you, knowing just these secrets will make such a powerful effect on your relationship that in no time you will start transforming your rocky relationship or even a break up into a loving, devoted and committed relationship.

The pants are too short - on purpose, of course - exposing his usual pointy shoes and a pair of blue socks that match my dress exactly. You have to be strong to truly be open.” ― “Unrequited love is the only emotion that allows sane people to taste the “life sentence” of someone with bipolar disorder.

And I totally want to jump him.” ― “Ask yourself, does this person make me feel good about myself? The longer they hang onto a lost cause the more unstable they look to everyone else.

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