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And at about this same time, Eminence was completly reworking their catalogue of products into their 'USA / UK lines' sales campaign, out of which emerged the "Tonker" which, I believe, was the speaker that accounted for much of the characteristics and tones that Eminence had dealt with during the 'perfect RF speaker' project.And a damn fine speaker "The Tonker" turned out to be.LOL) and they were looking for the details to get the RF model correct.Soon they sent us a test pair of their newly launched line to evaluate, but after literally playing 3 or 4 chords Robben immediately stopped and said they were totally unusable for him. we were at a hotel in Japan with a bunch of other artists and bands that were performing over this festival weekend, and we were all sorta stuck in the hotel (hangin' out in the lobby and restaurant) 'cause the weather had gone to monsoon, and Dal (Robben's manager) gave me an envelope he had received with a letter from Eminence in which the rep (who turned out to be the head of the design and development department) introduced himself, mentioned that the Eminence factory had a bunch of Robben fans working there and that the company would love the oportunity to try to develop a "Robben Ford" model speaker, if we were interested, and included some brocheres and cataloges.

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He used them heavily, sometimes in combination with other speakers, over the next couple of years.

Then, at one point, the Celestion people contacted me for information as they were hoping to reissue the 65's that Robben had always loved and market them as exactly that.

In their research they found that the speakers had drifted rapidly thru a variety of minor modifications in the final days of it's run, (duh, I could have told them that..,.

I guess that the "Supernatural" Album was recording with Tonker speakers in Robben's cab, imho. _________________Stay in the wind and on the wave summit.

I don't think Robben recorded anything with the Tonker.

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