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If you forget to buy a ticket for the Binnedieze, head towards Bolwerk St Jan, where you can see if there any tours remaining for the day.It’s important to note that there are several places to catch the tours, so be sure to check where the departure point for your tour is.The total boat tour of the Binndieze cost about 10 euros and lasted about 1.5 hours.I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I must say that the Hellegate (which is translated as “Hell hole”) tunnel that is said to have inspired Hieronymus Bosch was definitely one of my highlights.The Binnendieze are actually composed of the three rivers (Aa, Dommel, Dieze) that run underneath the city and they were used for transporting goods to the historic city centre from outside the city. Only 30% of the original canals, that run underneath some of the buildings, remain intact, however these are now protected as historical monuments.

It would be in your interest to look for a dagkaart, which should cost the cost in half.

I highly recommend booking your tour in advance as this sells out and there are only a limited number of boats as the tours are held by local volunteers passionate about the history.

I can write with certainty that the Binnedieze was one of the highlights of my time in Den Bosch and although I already knew that I’d love these historic canals, I was just entranced by the atmosphere, history, and stories told by our guide.

As Brabant has a higher percentage of people who identify with the Catholic faith, this stunning cathedral started in 1220 is still operational.

It’s free to enter although be warned that if you visit over a weekend, you might end up crashing a wedding (as I did).

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