Dating epiphone sheraton ii

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To disguise this, Epiphone almost always puts a solid veneer of the body wood on the back of the instrument, which is not typical of Gibson construction.Wood and construction differences also apply to electric archtops.Epiphone generally uses a number of woods for its cap that are not always the same as the body wood.In most cases, though, Epiphone uses a very thin maple veneer.The split is considered to be cheap vs expensive, imported vs American-made, and at its core, budget-friendliness vs historic quality.

Wood selection as has always been a topic of discussion for in-the-know guitar people, and is becoming even more so following a series of updated CITES regulations this year.

We’re attempting to look past players’ preconceptions and emotions, focusing instead on the objective issues of cost, components, selection, and value.

Cost is a variable question, as the current most affordable Gibson, the M2, goes for 0, and the most expensive Epiphone, the 1965 Elitist Casino, goes for ,000.

On the other hand, Epiphone (and many other makers) often employ sapele or luan — which are cheaper and more readily available while still in the mahogany family — and don’t call it out.

In the past, Epiphone has also used alder and basswood for many models in place of Mahogany.

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