Dating evidence duchamp bicycle wheel

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The Readymade is a placeholder for an actual art object, but by its context it suggests that artworks can orbit around an idea, a concept can generate art.The spectacular success and social value of the Readymades is their simplicity, a minimalism like Brancusi’s work or Sol Lewitt’s, a minimalism suggesting an essence, a core of thought.When Duchamp created the Readymade he begged the question of whether it really is a work of art. or any intention of showing it, or describing anything.This allows that some meaning may yet be found tucked behind a blind spot. Duchamp seems to have eventually allowed the Readymades a quasi-art legitimacy, since others insisted, but with reservations; “the Readymade’ thrusts itself on me”.

It’s inevitable these questions would arise at the decline of postmodernism, itself a movement indebted to Dada, and as much against tradition and logic.

Duchamp proposed that painting discard the sensual or beautiful as decorative, opting instead for an art generated by concept.

He broke with tradition by purging art of taste in order to shift painting from sensation to ideas.

Still, Richard Dorment wrote that the “Tate Modern’s 2008 Duchamp exhibition demonstrates that he was not quite the isolated genius most of us had imagined.

In placing his work beside that of his two friends, the Spaniard Francis Picabia and the American Man Ray, the show demonstrates that all three were operating on the same wavelength and pursuing similar goals”.

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