Dating in college advice

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I will say, something I’ve become insecure about is my financial upbringing.

I’m very low-income, and that has shaped my personality somewhat, as well as my perception of wealth and privilege. The majority is very well-off, and almost every girl I’ve ever dated here has been 20x more wealthy than me.

It ended when I got tired of being inconsistent and told her I wanted a relationship.

She unfortunately didn’t want the same, and we didn’t remain in contact after that.

I have pretty good self esteem, and I’m fairly good-looking. I’m not naturally outgoing, but I’ll always put in effort to communicate with people, and I try to have a positive/lighthearted attitude.

Not saying I’m incredibly attractive, but I’m happy with how I look. I’m honestly not into anyone in my major, but it seems impossible to meet new people without dating apps.

TLDR: Most of the people I’ve dated aren’t bad people, we’ve just ended up being incompatible.

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This year I had an on/off relationship with this girl for about three months that I met on tinder.

We never were “official”, we were just consistently hooking up and talking pretty frequently.

We would often talk about complex personal issues and our concepts of love and relationships.

This is sometimes something I feel bad about, simply because I can’t relate to a lot the ways richer people have been brought up.

My poor financial situation growing up manifested into many issues, such as a rough relationship with my chronically depressed single mother.

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