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Some social links were hard to talk about without spoilers at all, so I put those under highlightable spoiler tags. If you like an elegant, mature, smart woman in the package of a high school girl, Hifumi is the one for you.

She is also a model like Ann, although she has more of the image of a traditional beauty.

Throughout her route, you learn about her personal conflict with her mother and about her struggles balancing her modeling and shogi-playing life.

She has no interest in modeling and would prefer to play shogi, but her mother wants her to model.

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She’s generally fairly quiet and composed, except for her very special quirk when she is playing shogi–she verbalizes the role play of her shogi units : D. I think her quirk is absolutely adorable, and Hifumi was a great option outside of the main party.

Moreover, hang out with her & increase your Kindness to 2.

After reaching Confidant Rank 9, choose one of the two dialogue options.

After that, continue to hang out with her, accept her invitations, and complete ‘Debunking the Psychic’.: Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku on June 22nd After establishing the social link, accept her invitations and hang out with her as much as possible.

Once you’ve completed ‘Fighting for Truth in Journalism’ and select ‘I Took it Seriously’ and ‘I Love You, Ichiko’ to start the relationship.

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