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” If they were mocking anyone, it was their critics. They made a solid name for themselves, surviving a jump from Matador Records to Mute (and also Bauer’s battle with drugs), and even brought a few friends along with them on the road, introducing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Europe via an opening slot on tour. The audience response became increasingly less enthusiastic, until the band’s new home, Sanctuary Records, pulled the plug and the band went on hiatus.Spencer focused on Heavy Trash with Matt Verta-Ray.We really started to dig deep and explore the roots of American music and rock and roll.

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Russell invited his friend Judah Bauer, this very young kid, literally fresh off the bus from Wisconsin, and it worked. SPENCER: I wanted to do something true to rock and roll—Jerry Lee Lewis and all of the Sun and Stax artists. It’s a strange kind of music, it’s a beautiful kind of music; it’s unusual, it’s sexual, it’s aggressive, it’s bizarre. I think that’s been the great disappointment with this band, because we are from another world in some way; it’s not an easy pill to swallow. SIMINS: We’ve always been the kind of band where not much is spoken; more is done.

There’s something about them that, as Spencer is fond of saying, makes them “a difficult pill to swallow, and not for squares.” Unfortunately for the band, some of those squares were well-known music journalists who found this particular blend of white-noise-blues to be lacking in appropriate veneration.

What these critics missed was that the band wasn’t interested in reverentially perpetuating the sound of any genre, especially one as worn as “the blues.” Their spark was the creative soul of early rock and roll artists—Sun and Stax gods like Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis—guys who took the chord structures and scales of the blues and fused them with adrenaline-fueled shrieks of excitement.

I didn’t think in terms of the way we’d be thought of or referred to or categorized or put in blues festivals or thought of as a blues band. How would you describe the interpersonal roles in the band? BAUER: In the beginning it was probably more following Jon.

Did you ever feel pigeonholed by the persona you created or the sound that you established? I had never been in a serious band and he was setting the pace of rehearsals and touring.

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