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Quest bars have been a staple among the fitness community for some time. Not too rich to eat in one sitting, but sweet enough to be a treat. Microwave brings out weird fake-sweet flavor in the chocolate chips.

Their high protein and fiber content makes them the perfect post workout snack or meal replacement. Should be renamed graham cracker chocolate chip bar, marshmallow flavor is nearly nonexistent. Addition of nuts makes it seem like your biting into an actual muffin. Seriously a really good warm banana nut muffin straight out of the oven. Just like mom used to make…if your mom was a health conscience body builder. Heated Score: 8.5/10 Like you put a PB & J in the toaster. Verdict: Feeling 8 years old in the best possible way.

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No need to panic, for the sake of science I (along with some willing volunteers) have painstakingly tried each and every flavor at both room temperature and warmed in the microwave (a must-try for those new to these bars) to provide you with the definitive ranking of quest bars. Don’t ask me how that’s possible in a “Peanut Butter Supreme” bar, but somehow it is. Still a bit bland to be throwing around words like “supreme” but definitely an improvement. As a huge fan of chocolate or brownie anything, this was a disappointment. Heated Score: 1/10 Much better at first bite, but then has a terrible after taste. I am skeptical of anything “cheesecake” flavored, but this one was surprisingly good Heated Score: 6/10 Warm cheesecake is a good cheesecake in this case.

I apologize ahead of time to any die-hard lemon cream pie fans out there, but, to be honest, this flavor is reminiscent of citrus vodka. Tastes like a traditional chocolate protein bar with the bad “too much protein” flavor. You get more of the melty, warm brownie texture; however, flavor still is a bit chalky. Tastes like a protein bar and a fig newton had a baby. Texture becomes much softer and closer to the actual dessert.

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