Dating scams and promises from ghana

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There are many legitimate ways to provide support to help people impacted by floods, earthquakes, fires, other natural disasters or even man-made disasters.

If you're eager to make a donation, give in a way that you have donated before or through a trusted organization or business where you fully understand how the funds are being collected and used.

Many local governments recently have issued a national warning about the continued defrauding of citizens taking place through a foreign lottery or sweepstakes scam.

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Occasionally, Money Gram will support donation programs with a well-established charity.Does the price for the item seem to be too good to be true and are you being asked to pay for the item through a Money Gram money transfer? The vehicle purchase scammer may try to convince you to pay through Money Gram to avoid sales tax and get a great price.They may even send you a letter or e-mail of authentication telling you that you have purchased the item, but in order to deliver it you need to wire funds first. Once money is wired and received, it cannot be recovered and, unfortunately, you will be at loss for any money transferred.But you didn't buy a ticket or enter a sweepstakes. Don't send transfer money to the people who are stating you have "WON" something but need to send them funds to collect your winnings.What to be aware of: For more details visit the FBI's fraud database, Internet Crime Complaint Center Money Gram never recommends sending money to a stranger. Once money is wired and received it cannot be recovered and unfortunately you will be at loss for any money transferred.

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