Dating someone hiv pos

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The closer I got to my stop, the faster my heart thumped. I was 19 years old, going to see the man I'd had a crush on since eighth grade—but I never wanted to feel the way I felt in that moment again.

In retrospect, we'd always been more than friends, somewhere in that gray area where you're not quite sure how the other person truly feels.

As for his bratty friends and snob of a mother, you’ll just have to roll the dice.

Most recently, we'd reconnected after a two-year silence—so it seemed like the right time to put everything out in the open and see what would happen next. We did all of our favorite activities in Brooklyn, eating pizza, visiting St.

Mark's Comics, and walking the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

In fact, the positive man must protect himself even more, to safeguard his health from pesky ancillary viruses.

For him, that means avoiding those question marks at all costs.

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