Dating someone with depression and anxiety

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It was a chilly Southern California fall evening (probably all of 50 degrees) and she wanted to avoid the patio and stay inside where it was “toasty”.

After ordering a pitcher of margaritas we looked over the menu, trying to decide what looked good.

Ultimately, sometimes I feel as if I'm entering a really unstable stage in the relationship where she never really improves.

All that being said, my current goal is to show her that no matter how undesirable she thinks she is (telling me occasionally that there's better girls that her out there), I've found what I wanted and don't plan for the relationship to be short.

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Right after I put a bite of chile relleno in my mouth, as if on cue, my date very casually mentioned that she was a virgin. Actually I drained the glass and was pouring another as I asked, “So. ” The Virgin went on to explain that she had never been married, had been in only one serious relationship and that she was Catholic which meant that she knew it was a sin to have sexual relations outside of marriage. Joes.” I know that I’m gonna sound like an ass when I say this, but the next thing that went through my mind was, “I guess I’m not going Mexican tonight.” Somehow we managed to change topics and finish our meal.While I feel I could love her the way she is now, it'd make it easier to deal with if I knew that it was at all possible for her to get better and break out of her comfort zone.Way way to early for this kind of thinking, but basically, I want to have a reason to believe she might not, well, give up if I ever decided to start a family with her.I haven’t written about any crazy dating stories in quite a while because I’ve got a rad chick in my life (my Muse) and there aren’t crazy dating stories because she lives 3,000 miles away from my Southern California home.I hope you enjoy this totally true story about my first date with a 36-year-old virgin.

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