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As of June , Black Planet had Black Planet also places plenty of advertising throughout the site and many of these ads are from Fortune companies.Before today's popular networks allowed you to "like" posts, "poke" crushes, or "retweet" celebrities, web-savvy African Americans were connecting on Black Planet. You can look for dates, friendships, networking or anything else you are in the mood for.Wider political issues are also mentioned, including: The more you play, the more points you're rewarded so you can keep your farm in business.

The chat function was also updated in ; the current chat is powered by a company called Chat Blazer and is Flash based. It was described as the largest online media entity for African-Americans and "the granddaddy of social-networking sites" [12] , Black Planet enjoyed more than 6 million unique visitors a month in April These are often political and social advocates, and community activists who support the African-American community.

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They quote Barack Obama 's election as President as a call for users to "bring a new energy and agenda to our country".

Grow your produce, care for your animals and build your barns.

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