Dating women from mauritania

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Then, like any normal teen, she rebelled, prompting her husband to divorce her.Newly single, she was flooded with romantic offers.A grocery-store owner who is 5'4" and over 200 pounds, with her braided hair dyed blonde at the tips and stretch marks on her arms, she's a modern woman who has a love-hate relationship with her size. I vomited and suffered heartburn and diarrhea, but I gained weight fast," Zeinebou recalls, reclining in her ramshackle two-room home.At 13, she was married to a much older man, and by 16 she had two sons."The attraction is ingrained from birth."Elhacen, who makes the equivalent of 5 for each girl she force-feeds over a three-month period, is delighted. Her current "clients" are lying down in the hut in glassy-eyed exhaustion, digesting breakfast.Elhacen mixes crushed dates and peanuts with couscous and oil to make the second of the day's four meals — cloying, egg-size balls of around 300 calories apiece.To the ancient Moors, a fat wife (much like fat livestock) was a symbol of a man's wealth, proof that he had enough riches to feed her generously while others perished in the drought-prone terrain.Until recently, it appeared that force-feeding and the big-is-beautiful ethos were dying out.

The ideal of feminine beauty in Mauritania, a country one-and-a-half times the size of Texas and blanketed in desert, is like America's cult of superthinness in reverse.Outside, a strong wind whips sand into strange, phantasmagoric shapes.The girls have been sent to this desolate spot near Atar to endure the practice of — intensive force-feeding.The ultimate sign of beauty, however, is silvery stretch marks on the arms."Parents will give me a bonus if a girl develops stretch marks." Back in Atar, a collection of narrow, sandy lanes and cubbyhole shops, 26-year-old Zeinebou Mint Mohamed offers a glimpse into the girls' potential future.

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