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Lisa Marie Presley is an American singer and songwriter.Known to many as the daughter of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, Lisa Marie started her career in music in the 90's and has since then released three albums.She still has the rights to Graceland and finds herself there sometimes enjoying the bittersweet memories of her past. Presley wanted to build a career in music like her father but always found reasons not to.Although Graceland is open for public tours Elvis’s and Lisa Marie’s rooms remain unchanged and out of bounds for the public. She began writing songs and even recorded a demo, but she was pregnant with her second child and had to cancel an offer.On August 16, 1977, tragedy struck in Graceland as Elvis was found dead in the toilet due to a violent heart attack. Thousands of fans crowded the house to catch the last glimpse of Elvis before the burial.Lisa became an heiress to the property her father left behind, with her grandfather Vernon Presley as the executor/trustee and great-grandmother Minnie Mae Presley as the beneficiary.

For a full year in my 20s, I did not speak to my mother.Till now she has released two more albums, the latest album being Storm and Grace which was released in 2012.The third album has been by far her best album, having sold 9,115 copies in its first week after being released in the US and Canada.She was more hooked on drugs as a mean to escape the tragedy that haunted her. She found herself in the Celebrity Centers dealing with her problems.That is where she met the famous rocker Danny Keough, whom she later married.

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