Endometrial dating images

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Next, after removal of the intrauterine ultrasound catheter, 1–2 ml of sterile saline solution was injected into the endometrial cavity with a catheter for artificial insemination, to compare sonographic images with and without saline in either the transvaginal or intrauterine sonographic technique.Then transvaginal sonography and intrauterine sonography were again sequentially performed.The study was approved by the local ethical committee of Kagawa Medical University, and standardized informed consent was obtained from each patient.First, each patient was prepared and draped in the usual sterile fashion in the dorsolithotomy position.Before each intrauterine sonography procedure, an evaluation of the endometrium was performed by transvaginal sonography (7.5 MHz Mochida MEU-1581; Mochida, Tokyo, Japan) with a sterile probe cover. The ultrasonic catheter was introduced gently through the cervix and into the endometrial cavity until it could not be advanced any further.Once within the endometrial cavity, the catheter tip was advanced or withdrawn slightly until the endometrial texture was visualized.Endometrial vascularization increases during follicular phase peaking 2–3 days before ovulation, decreasing thereafter and increasing again during mid and late luteal phase.

After all procedures, prophylactic antibiotics were administered in all patients.It has been reported that 3D US is a very high reproducible technique.The endometrium has been paid special attention when using this technique.Potential obstetric and gynaecological applications of intrauterine sonography for systematic examination of the developmental stages of the early embryo or detection of gross embryonic malformations have also been reported (Fujiwaki , 1999).The objective of the current study was to determine whether saline infusion contrast intrauterine sonography with high-frequency, real-time miniature transducer is useful for the evaluation of cyclic changes of the endometrial interface and texture during a normal menstrual cycle.

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