Entp entp dating

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Which is a trait I'm somewhat jealous of, b/c I wish I could just trust people and hope for the best right off the bat, instead of starting from the other spectrum, as most ENTPs do.Her faith in humanity has made me look at my own lack of faith and reevaluate myself.At the same time, its infinitely harder for me to find a sensor that I actually click with than, rather than an intuitive.Even in the relationship with the ESFJ, there was a longing for a partner with a similar sense of creativity and curiosity that most sensors just don't have. As a fellow young, female ENTP who is happily married (! I always found that I always went for fucking douchebags.You're spot on about NE creating subconscious expectations. I didn't even realize it until my ENTJ best friend told me.

Nothing turns me off more than if my partner is always up my ass and worships the ground I walk on.I think there is something to be said for loyal, stable types making good partners for ENTPs, to counteract some of our flakiness.Others have advocated for more "grounded" partners; I'll add myself to that list. Incredibly happy.)Personally, I think fellow ENTPs, INFJs, and ENFPs be a mistake, unless they (and you) are really healthy. Additionally, there are far too many emotionally unhealthy INFJs who will just drag you into their pit of despair with them. I think what you could do is look for men who are not necessarily emotionally unavailable, as that obviously runs into its own problems, but men who respect your personal (head) space. As you said, the most healthy relationship you've ever had was with an ESFJ.When I was 22, I just took each day and each dude as they came (hah).Is there really a particular to be a long-term relationship? I always enjoyed myself far more when I didn't think about the long-term - that is, until I met a particular person who put those thoughts in my head post facto. I've been with an INFJ for 12 years and it works, but I'm telling you what, it's a rare relationship, b/c she totally takes care of me, but her unyielding loyalty and belief in my craziness attracts me to protect her from her gullibility.

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