Error in validating the xml file against the latest schema

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So any time I see an element name, like Product_Collection, without a namespace prefix, I assume it is from the pds namespace.The definition for the other namespace, the once associated with the xsi prefix in the line above, is built into eclipse - so you don't need to provide a schema file to define that namespace.We want to add a reference to the PDS4 master schema which we know is in our current workspace, so click the Workspace button, navigate down into the Schema folder and select the PDS4_PDS_0800file. button and select the file by navigating to it in the usual way.Either method will work, the point being that you can have a local schema repository that is not part of your personal workspace - a handy thing for group development.) It does matter which of the files you select.

We only need this one catalog mapping for the collection_1.0label, so click OK and let's try it out.XML Catalog files provide a map from logical references in the schema and label files to physical copies of the defining PDS4 schemas that you've stashed in a directory somewhere on your system.Since PDS labels should not contain links to local versions of, for example, the namespace-defining schemas, this is a critical component to get right.When you do that, you'll see a warning in the Problems pane below the editing pane: This is eclipse telling you that it can't do much validating unless you tell it what to validate against.Since we have the PDS4 master schema that we want to validate against, now's the time to set up an XML Catalog entry so eclipse can turn that namespace reference into a schema file location.

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