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"But then someone will call in with an unusual fantasy." The regular callers with very specific fantasies are Angelica's 'VIP clients'. You become very creative and almost like a smart ass at times. It’s a game to them."Another regular is a man with a paraphilic infantilism fetish - more commonly known as an 'adult baby'.She tells me, "There’s this guy who calls in all the time and he plays a game. "He poops and wants you to clean it up," Angelica says."Honestly, it's an acting job because you have to build so many characters while you’re on the phone.Plus, the callers are venting and opening up to you, and you always have to make that connection with them. I just don’t have the degree."Of course we have the regulars, that just want to have their old-fashioned phone sex.He requests, ‘I want you to pretend you’re a fat squirrel jumping from one tree to another, and I need to hear the sound’. So I’ll start asking to do that but what does a squirrel sound like? "But then he describes exactly what he ate, so it shows up after he poops. I'll say, ‘Oh my god you had some carrots and corn’. ’"Mostly, callers are just looking for human interaction, and don't even want to talk about sex.I know it sounds disgusting but that’s where you have to understand that it’s just conversation. "I would say about 60% just want that emotional connection, and to talk about their day because they have no one else to talk to," Angelica tells me."You want to keep them for 45 minutes," Angelica explains. "I do find myself getting turned on by the conversations," she explains.

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"You just have to understand you’re playing a character," she says, "and you can’t take it personally.

You have to separate yourself."Not everybody can do this job.

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