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Profile done, there’s nothing for it but to start contacting potential friends.

Swallowing my doubts – and fears of being rejected – I ‘add’ half a dozen women on each site.

Earlier this year, I left my job at a newspaper to go freelance.

Having spent the best part of a decade in an office, I’m now working from home. At the same time, the past few years have seen my non-work social group dwindle.

As we leave the restaurant, we hug goodbye and promise to keep in touch. After one week of friendship dates, I’ve learnt several valuable lessons.

I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one who feels lonely.

I’ve also realised just how much I like people, and how easy it is to get on with them.

After an hour, conversation is flowing more naturally – though, saying goodbye, my nerves return. It feels like a safe middle ground, and I’m grateful.

There are women out there who want to be my friend as much as I want to be theirs.

It pays to put yourself out there – and risk rejection. But Johanna and I have been swapping links to blogs, and, as for Juliana – well, we’ve added each other on Facebook, and have a second date planned this week.

And through this ritual, I would sometimes end up with a close friend.

However, earlier this year I moved from Melbourne to Sydney for an internship.

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