Girls dating hockey players

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He has the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, and could have a number of beautiful women but has not been very public about his relationships since his last one, which ended in 2013.

That relationship is what elevates him onto this list.

So when it comes to dating, these guys never have a problem landing the hottest ladies in the world.

From the older retired veterans to the fresh new faces, we have the top 15 hockey players that have the most impressive list of hookups.

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They get to wear masks but that is only protecting their eyes and skulls.

Don't pretend like you do not know who we are talking about either, but if you really do not know who she is, feel free to use that Google machine and be prepared.

Joffrey Lupul started his career with the Anaheim Ducks in 2003 but ended up in Edmonton playing for the Oilers a few years later followed by a short stint with the Philadelphia Flyers before returning to the Ducks.

While we have all accomplished so much, there is no greater accomplishment than what we have the potential to do right here and right now—not just for this generation of players, but for generations to come.

With that purpose, we are coming together, not as individual players, but as one collective voice to help navigate the future and protect the players needs.

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