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But they were completely resistant to halting the expansion.That's when I began to understand the power of the whole Greek system." Some alumnae sorority leaders maintain this power by silencing members who try to speak out.When Emma wrote a newspaper article about her sorority's confusing messages about sexual violence, her sorority's regional director removed her from her chapter officer position. The adviser said, 'This is going to follow you for the rest of your life,' " Emma says.After Kate, a senior in Virginia, told the media that sororities don't empower members to discuss sexual issues, her sorority's alumnae leaders threatened to put her chapter on probation if any members voiced their opinions again. "I joined the sorority to strengthen my network and because I thought it was supposed to give me a voice, not to be told that I can't speak out." ("National Panhellenics have a policy in terms of how requests from the media are handled.It's also well documented that fraternity brothers are more likely to commit rape than non-Greeks.After a Georgia Tech fraternity member's e-mail surfaced in 2013, instructing brothers about "luring your rapebait" by weakening a girl's defenses with alcohol, Oklahoma State University professor of higher education and student affairs John Foubert observed, "The 'rapebait' e-mail could have been sent from almost any fraternity at almost any American college." Foubert's 2007 study found that fraternity brothers are three times more likely to commit rape than non-Greek students.Various "bros and hos" themes are popular—Workout Bros and Yoga Hos, for example—but sorority members also told me about "no-pants parties" and "ABC (Anything But Clothes) parties" to which sisters wear bubble wrap, duct tape, or lingerie.At a series of themed parties at a North Carolina school, new sorority members were expected to help fraternities recruit brothers by dressing provocatively and getting the boys drunk, according to Jess, a 2013 graduate who says she was raped by another school's fraternity member whom she'd dated in the past.

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I saw someone's dress off completely, people going off into rooms together.

And at some schools, Greek life dominates the social scene.

But there's evidence that sorority members are sexually assaulted at a higher rate than nonmembers; a 2009 Violence Against Women study reported that sorority women at one university were four times more likely to be sexually assaulted than non-Greeks, and a 2014 University of Oregon (UO) study found that nearly one in two sorority members on that campus were victims of nonconsensual sexual contact.

"There is high demand among students for increased opportunities in fraternity and sorority life," says University of Oregon spokesperson Rita Radostitz.

"We have worked on a number of ways to address the concerns around sexual violence. The issues around sexual violence on campus have been around for 30 years." Freyd says, "Fraternity people said horrible things about our research, but we didn't set out to get fraternities.

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