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Greeting card, an illustrated message that expresses, either seriously or humorously, affection, good will, gratitude, sympathy, or other sentiments.

Greeting cards are usually sent by mail in observance of a special day or event and can be divided into two general classifications: seasonal and everyday.

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Modern greeting cards are usually of stiff paper or cardboard, but some are made of cloth, leather, celluloid, vellum, metal, or even wood, clay, cork, or other materials.

He instituted design competitions in 1880, a practice continued later in England by Raphael Tuck and in the U. Cards were delivered in blank form and sentiments were applied by local printers, the same design being used for several purposes.

From 1900 to World War I the greeting card business was practically a German monopoly. S.-made greeting card reasserted itself about 1910 and was given enormous impetus by World War I with its resultant increase in transiency, a situation that was repeated during World War II. greeting card manufacturers, chief among them Hallmark, assumed world leadership during this period and brought many innovations to the design and manufacture of cards in the realm of novelties, animation, three-dimensional effects and visual and sound effects.

These were issued in sets of six and were collected and mounted in albums or scrapbooks.

The cards also appeared in booklet form, attached to make a strip. Her productions, in sets of two to six, were used for more than one occasion, the same designs being frequently used for Christmas, New Year’s Day, St. Some of the designs appeared as book illustrations, and others were used in annual four-subject calendars.

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