Haylie duff dating greg

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) took Frankie down with it, but he has plenty of time to start anew. No generation is more digitally savvy and microtrend-friendly than millennials, and no rapper embodies those aspects more fully than Lil B. Okay so you remember when Hilary Duff did a cover of the Go-Go's "Our Lips are Sealed" with her sister? Haylie also hosted a reality show to find the next lead for debuted in the Top 40 and it genuinely seemed like he might be part of a neo-Brat Pack along with the other Disney kids of the era.

Wildly unpredictable, insanely prolific, and wholly irrepressible, the Based God is a walking meme. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens did cross over to more adult fare, Corbin was sadly left behind and his 2009 follow-up disc tanked. Silverstone voiced Sharon Spitz, a precocious vegetarian teen with a mouth full of metal.

Chatroulette is a site that pairs you up with random users for videochats.

You keep "spinning" until you're paired up with someone you actually want to talk to.

A Neopets addiction might seem dated, but the site is still around and reached its one trillion page-view mark in 2011.

Every great teenage heroine has a fiercely devoted male best sidekick that's forever trapped in the torturous "friend zone," forced to be a shoulder to cry on after those taller, suaver boys break her heart.

The most popular of the fad was Poo-Chi, a miniature robot dog.

There were a few spinoffs, but the original could bark, flip, growl, and walk.

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Thank you Emoji, for expanding the range of emotions we can express to now include a smiling turd. If you like someone, just be direct and text them SMILEY CAT, PIZZA, HAMSTER. The freakishly cheerful Steve Burns hosted the show, but he left in 2002 to persue his music and other career aspirations.

But nobody actually thought a videochat website would be used for With curmudgeons like Jonathan Franzen scolding millennials for being Internet-addicted, Steve Roggenbuck's support for social media as a connective, supportive platform for budding writers has never been more refreshing.

The Alt-Lit writer turned sorta motivational speaker champions veganism, poetry as a means for social change, and loving the moon.

" and parodied the boy band craze in "All the Small Things," terrifying and infatuating a generation of kids who just wanted to pierce their nose and walk around in torn pantyhose.

The band truly hit their music video apex with "First Date," each member adopting a really gross vintage persona. Just please don't confuse Emoji with Emoticons.

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