How to protect from dating

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The free versions of such applications subject teenagers to even more threats prying in the dark corners of the interconnected society online.

So, how exactly can parents protect their kids from the abuse that dating apps expose them to?

However, in the context of the topic at hand, social media websites enable people under the age of 18 to know about dating apps.

Even a 5-year-old kid can read a post detailing the concept of Tinder.

The fact that some of these apps have no age restriction whatsoever doesn’t help the case either.

Parents are always worried about online safety of teens.

One such example is the sharing of explicit/graphic personal images.

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Instant Messaging Apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Hike, Messenger, etc. A Social media has its fair share of benefits for people belonging to all age groups.

Word of mouth is another way in which teenagers get to know about online dating applications.

More often than not, people belonging to an age group (under 18) unfit for apps like Tinder and Down use them as a means to get over break-ups.

They gather the information about age from social media websites like Facebook and Google .

Needless to say, entering a false age in a Facebook profile is as difficult as clapping hands.

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