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Plan a murder mystery evening where everyone has to figure out who killed cupid or make some cocktails, grab some video, board or card games and have a tournament. Grab a couple of bottles of wine, some painting supplies and turn Netflix or You Tube to Painting with Bob Ross as you all get in touch with your creative side.

This gives everyone their own masterpiece as a memory of your awesome party and the fun they had.

There are always tons of options for a fun night out.

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Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend the day curled up with your cat or eating ice cream while you binge watch Netflix.Will everyone appreciate and participate in the fun?You don’t want to choose a costume party that no one will wear a costume to or to plan a night of games for a room full of people who would rather be dancing.Or if you’re inviting lots of single friends of different persuasions you could turn it into a speed dating night and see if anyone can make a love connection.Don’t forget to plan transportation or accommodations if your guest will be drinking or smoking weed throughout the festivities.

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